The primary objective of the Bergius Botanic Garden is to share knowledge about plant diversity (biodiversity), botany and horticulture as well as providing plant material for research and education. The activities are aimed at researchers, both nationally and internationally, students, schoolchildren and the general public. The garden is managed by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and Stockholm University. Approximately 100,000 visitors visit the garden every year.

The origin of the Bergius Botanic Garden is a donation made by the brothers Peter Jonas and Bengt Bergius more than 200 years ago.The Bergius foundation was founded in 1791. Over the years, the Bergius Botanic Garden has received numerous gifts and donations. One of the most magnificent examples is the Edvard Anderson Conservatory. It was built with money donated by glass merchant Edvard Anderson according to his will. The society Friends of the Bergius Botanic Garden has supported us for a long time in a project to renovate our tree stock. The wetland was established with the support from the National Property Board of Sweden, the Swedish Wetland Fund and Stockholm University. The new area for plants from Öland and Gotland, opened in 2017, was created through a donation. Recently, the garden has received several private donations that will be used for future projects.

Current projects that you can support are

You or your company can support the Bergius Botanic Garden in different ways. Please contact the director for more information.

Deputy director, Gunvor Larsson