Systematic Section

The Systematic Section

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Symbol Systematiska avdelningarna
Karta Systematiska avdelningen 2020. Illustration: Veronica Lendell

The Systematic Section with the different sub-areas, 1-9:

1. Water lily family, Magnolia family, Grass family, Lily family

2. Buttercup family, Poppy family, Barberry family, Box family

3. Saxifrage family, Stonecrop family, Peony family, Grape family

4. Spurge family, Cucumber family, Birch family, Rose family, Pea family

5. Mallow family, Mustard family, Geranium family

6. Amaranth family, Pink family, Ice plant family, Buckwheat family

7. Heath family, Primrose family, Cornus family, Hydrangea family

8. Borage family, Bedstraw family, Mint family, Nightshade family

9. Honeysuckle family, Parsley family, Bellflower family, Daisy family