The garden and greenhouses

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Victoriahuset och Victoriadammen. Foto: Eva Dalin

Bergius Botanic Garden

Welcome to the Bergius Botanic Garden. Ideally situated at Brunnsviken, an inlet of the Baltic Sea, the garden is part of the city’s national park, protected by law to preserve natural and cultural values for the future. The Bergius Botanic Garden is a natural destination for a family outing, for recreation and study, or just a cup of coffee.

Edvard Anderson Conservatory

The Edvard Anderson Conservatory is a wonderful place for a visit all year round. Scents of flowers drift through the high-vaulted Mediterranean hall, and in the wings of the house one can stroll through fascinating landscapes from other parts of the world, ranging from lush rainforests to dry deserts. In the tropical sections many crop plants are cultivated, such as coffee, cocoa, bamboo, cotton and many fruits.

Victoria House

The Victoria House is open between May and September. The house is classified as a historic building and it is unique in its kind, since similar conservatories in Europe have disappeared for various reasons.

Contact information

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Stockholm University
Bergius Botanic Garden
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