Foto: Rakel Norberg, Bergianska trädgården
Edvard Anderson Conservatory. Photo: Rakel Norberg

Edvard Anderson Conservatory

The large Edvard Anderson Conservatory, named after its donor, is a wonderful place for a visit all year round. As a wholesaler in the sheet glass trade and a lover of flowers from the Mediterranean countries, Edvard Anderson (1865–1936) choose to give the citizens of Stockholm a winter garden ”where the trees, shrubs and herbs of the Mediterranean and comparable climate regions” would be represented. The house was inaugurated in 1995, and inside its glass walls the flowers put on an everlasting show.

In the heat of the greenhouse

The Bergius Botanic Garden greenhouses displays plants from climates warmer than the Swedish. Tropical crops thrive side by side with fascinating life forms from the Mediterranean climate as well as rainforests and deserts. Advanced technology makes it possible to control the temperature, light and humidity in the different greenhouse sections to provide the best growing conditions.