The horseshoe-shaped Victoria Pond was constructed around 1890. The idea was to build the Victoria House on the rounded peninsula in the middle of the pond, but the plan was prevented by poor ground conditions and instead, the Victoria House is situated just a stone’s throw away. Both are wonderfully located close to Brunnsviken.

In the pond, as a complement to the plants on display in the Victoria House, grow aquatic plants that require a colder climate. One part is occupied by the water and marsh plants from Sweden, for example our native white and yellow water lilies and the red ones from Tiveden. In addition there are mare tails (Hippuris), sawgrass (Cladium), bog myrtle (Myrica) and water plantain (Alisma). In the other half of the pond are samples of aquatic plants from North America. You will also find different cultivars of very attractive water lilies.

Vikcoriadammen med Victoriahuset i bakgrunden. Foto: Eva Dalin
Photo: Eva Dalin