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From Plantae et papiliones rariores, Georg Dionysius Ehret, 1748-1759

Collections at the Bergius Botanic Garden

The collections of the Bergius Botanic Garden consist mainly of living material - the plants in the garden and in the conservatories. Additionally, the collections include objects, portraits, and so on, some of it left by the Bergius Brothers back in the 18th century.

The living collections in the garden and in the Edvard Anderson conservatory are accessible to the public all the year round; the Victoria House only during summertime. The remaining collections are available on this web site.

The work on the historic collections presented on these pages was made possible by financial support from Statens kulturråd/Accessprojektet.

The Living Collections

The most important and extensive collections of the Bergius Botanic Garden are the living collections - that is, the plants in the garden and in the conservatories.

Collection of Objects

The collection of objects mostly consists of the household goods of the Bergius Brothers at Bergielund. It includes furniture, works of art and curios, together with a unique insect and spider collection from the 18th century by the well known zoologist Clerck. The garden also has an interesting collection of portraits of botanical writers, known as the Iconoteque. Created around the turn of the 19th century, it is still being replenished today.

Samlingar herbariet tumnagel

The Bergius Herbarium

The Bergius Herbarium is a part of the Bergius Foundation of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The herbarium originates from the collections by Peter Jonas Bergius (1730-1790), who was a professor at Collegium Medicum in Stockholm. The herbarium is one of the largest 18th century herbaria in Sweden with more than 17 000 sheets and resides in the Bergius Botanic Garden.

The Bergius Library

The Bergius book collection is a distinguished 18th century library with literature mostly about botany, natural science, history, travels and geography. The Bergius Library, mainly built up by Bengt Bergius, is now at the library of Stockholm University.

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