The palm hall 

Tuvad fiskskjärtspalm Foto: Rakel Norberg

In the humid tropical palm hall, bananas, papaya and palm trees thrive among the lianas and aerial roots of the rainforest plants.

In the lofty hall with a damp, warm climate all year round one is met by a lowland rainforest. Here, mahogany, ficus, palms, banana plants and the giant bamboo quickly shoot up towards the ceiling. Lianas, like the chestnut vine, monsteras and rattans, climb to the same height. Tangled heaps of epiphytes in the tree crowns and aerial roots touching the ground complete the picture. Cacao and papaya trees are also cultivated here together with different species of the diverse coffee family, such as antplant (Myrmecodia), ixora and gardenia.

Nyttoväxter i palmhallen Foto: R Norberg/K Kustås


The subtropical room

Insektsfångare, Nepenthes gracilis
Nepenthes gracilis. Photo: Rakel Norberg

The subtropical room houses a collection of cycads, exciting insectivorous plants, and many economically important plants.

In the subtropical section mainly utility plants from warmer countries are cultivated. Fruits, like the tree tomato, guava, passion fruit and lime ripen here. Herbs, textile plants, tea and coffee do well. One half of the room is dominated by cycads, an ancient group of plants retaining primitive features, and the bizarre desert plant Welwitschia has been given a dry spot with extra light in order to thrive. In a bed of sand and moist bog moss, the insectivorous pitcher plants, sundews and butter worts are cultivated – fascinating plants able to digest insects and absorb the nutrients. In the glass case nearby orchids are on display throughout the year.