Tidskrift: American Journal of Botany
Volym: 87
Sidor: 1731-1748

Abstrakt: (på engelska)

Parsimony analyses of morphology, restriction sites of the cpDNA, sequences from the nuclear, ribosomal internal transcribed spacer (ITS), and the chloroplast gene rbcL were performed to asses tribal and generic relationships in the subfamily Ixoroideae (Rubiaceae). The tribes Vanguerieae and Alberteae (Antirheoideae) are clearly part of Ixoroideae, as are some Cinchonoideae taxa. Pavetteae should exclude Ixora and allies, which should be recognized as the tribe Ixoreae. Heinsenia, representing Aulacocalyceae, is part of Gardenieae, as is Duperrea, a genus earlier placed in Pavetteae. Posoqueria and Bertiera and the taxa in the subtribe Diplosporinae should be excluded from Gardenieae. Bertiera and three Diplosporinae taxa are part of Coffeeae, while Cremaspora (Diplosporinae) is best housed in a tribe of its own, Cremasporeae. The mangrove genus Scyphiphora, recently placed in Diplosporinae, is closer to Ixoreae and tentatively included there. The combined analysis resulted in higher resolution compared to the separate analyses, exemplifying that combined analyses can remedy the incapability of one data set to resolve portions of a phylogeny. Twenty-four new rbcL sequences representing all five Ixoroideae tribes (sensu Robbrecht) are presented.