Systematic Section

The Systematic Section

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Symbol Systematiska avdelningarna
Karta Systematiska avdelningen 2020. Illustration: Veronica Lendell

The Systematic Section with the different sub-areas, 1-9:

1. Water-lily family, Magnolia family, Grass family, Orchid family, Lily family

2. Poppy family, Buttercup family, Protea family

3. Saxifrage family, Stonecrop family

4. Grape-vine family, Begonia family, Birch family, Rose family

5. Mallow family, Cabbage family, Crane’s-bill family

6. Pigweed family, Pink family, Bastard-toadflax family

7. Dogwood family, Mock-orange family, Primrose family, Heather family

8. Bedstraw family, Gentian family, Bear’s-breech family, Deadnettle family, Nightshade family, Bindweed family

9. Bellflower family, Daisy family, Honeysuckle family, Moschatel family, Carrot family, Aralia family