japanska dammen
Photo: Kerstin Kustås

Designed as a small garden within the garden and shielded by the forest surrounding it, the Japanese Pond is a natural spot for contemplation and rest. With its abundant greenery of different shades, occasional bright flowers and strict gravel surfaces contrasting with the mirror of the water, the place testifies to Japanese gardening ideas. For the most part the plants originate from the northern island of Hokkaido in Japan and from Asian regions with a similar climate. On the island in the pond there is a bench where you can sit down for a rest.

The Japanese pond was laid out for the bicentennial of the Bergius foundation in 1991. With its carefully styled plants and judiciously placed stones, the garden is a tribute to the beauty of pure form. This garden is a year-round favourite, especially in winter, when the shadows of trees and boulders on the snow create another dimension in the garden.