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Hou, C., Wikström, N. & Rydin, C. 2015.

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Contact information

Postal address:
Bergius Foundation
Stockholm University
Bergius Botanic Garden
10691 Stockholm

+46 - 8 - 16 35 00


Research, people

Catarina Rydin (project leader)
Niklas Wikström (scientist)
Anbar Khodabandeh (laboratory technician)
Natasha Barbolini (postdoc)
Olle Thureborn (PhD student)
Eva Larsén (PhD student)
Ruben Blokzijl (PhD student)
Rodrigo Borges (guest PhD student)
Julia Ferm (guest PhD student)
Karin Bergendal (master student)

Lab alumni
Stefan Löfstrand (postdoc 2017-2018)
Kristina Bolinder (PhD student 2012-2017)
Dennis Larsson (master student 2016-2017, supervisor: N. Wikström)
Chen Hou (PhD student 2012-2016)
Annelie Jörgensen (bachelor student 2015)
Nannie Persson (master student 2014-2015)
Lena Norbäck Ivarsson (master student 2013)
Clara Eliasson (bachelor student 2013)
Aelys Humphreys (postdoc 2012-2013)