Journal: Annales Botanici Fennici
Volume: 40
Pages: 135-141


In the Atlas Florae Europaeae, Comarum, Dasiphora, Drymocallis and Sibbaldianthe, which are commonly included in Potentilla, are recognized as independent genera. Due to the generic delimitation adopted and some taxonomic remodellings, the following new nomenclatural combinations are proposed and discussed: Drymocallis corsica (Soleir. ex Lehm.) Kurtto, D. halacsyana (Degen) Kurtto & Strid, D. longisepala (Strid) Kurtto & Strid, D. longisepala subsp. epirotica (Soják) Kurtto & Strid, D. malacophylla (Borbás) Kurtto, Sibbaldianthe bifurca (L.) Kurtto & T. Eriksson, and S. bifurca subsp. orientale (Juz.) Kurtto & T. Eriksson. Potentilla aspegrenii Kurtto is proposed as a replacement name (nomen novum) for the illegitimate name P. sordida Fries ex Aspegren. Alternative names published by Wolf in his monograph of Potentilla in 1908 are discussed and listed.