Lilac Syringa vulgaris 'Scöne von Moskau'. Photo: Mia Olvång

29 May 2020

Bergius Botanic Garden has a collection of more than 30 different cultivars and hybrids of lilacs and about 10 species. Many of the lilacs are located besides the Edvard Anderson Conservatory. Close to the Mountain shaped rockeries there are nodding lilacs that will be in bloom soon.

The genus Syringa, with about 15 species, comes from Asia, originally from western China. In Europe there are two wild species: Syringa vulgaris and Syringa josikaea. There are more than 2000 lilac cultivars. Most of them have its origin from Syringa vulgaris, common lilac.

Syringa tomentella luddsyren från sydvästra Kina. Foto: Lena Gårder
Syringa tomentella from southwest China at the Mountain Shaped Rockeries in the Bergius Botanic Garden.  Photo: Lena Gårder