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The media pages of the Bergius Botanic Garden

On these pages you will find newsletters with information about various
events in the Bergius Botanic Garden.

For further enquiries, please contact us.


  • So, I heard my cinnamon is fake? 2018-11-30 In Sweden this time of the year is associated with pepparkakor – Swedish gingerbread – whose ingredients include cinnamon, ginger, cloves and cardamom. But is your cinnamon the real deal?
  • Tastes of Christmas – Chocolate 2018-11-28 How is chocolate made? Gunvor Larsson shows us fruit from the cocoa tree and tells how this gets turned into chocolate, a Christmas favourite.
  • Large fragrant citrus fruits 2018-11-09 In the Edvard Anderson Conservatory you can see citron, Citrus medica. The fruits are 25 cm and have a thick, knobby aromatic peel.
  • Harvest of pumpkins 2018-09-28 Different kinds of pumpkins are now arranged in the Vegetable Garden.
  • Outdoor Exhibition of Dyeing plants & Fibre plants 2018-08-24 An outdoor exhibition is currently being displayed in the area of Dyeing plants & fibre plants.
  • Kenaf - a useful hibiscus 2018-08-23 Kenaf has beautiful white and purple flowers. Its fibre can be used to manufacture rope, sacks, sails and paper.
  • Tulip tree in bloom 2018-06-25 Liriodendron tulipifera, commonly called tulip tree or yellow poplar, is blooming now. The flowers are yellow with an orange band at the base of each petal.
  • Closed on Midsummer 2018-06-14 The Edvard Anderson Conservatory and the Victoria House are closed on Midsummer Eve, Midsummer Day and June 24. The outside areas of the garden are open every day.
  • White handkerchiefs 2018-05-23 The handkerchief tree is blooming next to The Old Orangery, behind the spruce hedge.
  • Colourful flowering of tulips 2018-05-09 Many different tulip varieties are blooming near the Italian terrace.

Contact information

For media related questions about the Edvard Anderson greenhouse:
+46-8-545 91 722,

For media related questions about the Victoria greenhouse and the outside garden:
AnnSofie Börjesson or Mia Olvång, information coordinators: +46-8-545 91 707, +46-8-16 14 57,