Tidskrift: Taxon
Volym: 60
Sidor: 941-952

Abstrakt: (på engelska)

Many monotypic genera with unique apomorphic characters have been difficult to place in the morphology-based classifications of the coffee family (Rubiaceae). We rigorously assessed the subfamilial phylogenetic position and generic status of three enigmatic genera, the Seychellois Glionnetia, the Southeast Asian Jackiopsis, and the Chinese Trailliaedoxa within Rubiaceae, using sequence data of four plastid markers (ndhF, rbcL, rps16, trnT-F). The present study provides molecular phylogenetic support for positions of these genera in the subfamily Ixoroideae, and reveals the presence of a basal grade of morphologically distinct, monotypic genera (Crossopteryx, Jackiopsis, Scyphiphora, Trailliaedoxa, and Glionnetia, respectively) in the species-rich Vanguerieae alliance. These five genera may represent sole representatives of their respective lineages and therefore may carry unique genetic information. Their conservation status was assessed, applying the criteria set in IUCN Red List Categories. We consider Glionnetia and Jackiopsis Endangered. Scyphiphora is recognized as Near Threatened despite its extensive range and Crossopteryx as Least Concern. Trailliaedoxa is poorly known (Data Deficient). Finally, the generic status of Glionnetia, Jackiopsis, and Trailliaedoxa and the monogeneric tribe Jackieae as defined by Ridsdale are supported.