Journal: Organisms Diversity and Evolution
Volume: 5
Pages: 275-283


A previous phylogenetic study of paralogous nuclear low-copy granule-bound starch synthase (GBSSI) gene sequences from polyploid and diploid species in Geinae indicated that the clade has experienced two major allopolyploid events in its history. These were estimated to have occurred several million years ago. In this extended study we test if the reticulate phylogenetic hypothesis for Geinae can be maintained when additional sequences are added. The results are compatible with the hypothesis and strengthen it in minor aspects. We also attempt to identify extant members of one of the inferred ancestral lineages of the allopolyploids. On the basis of previous molecular phylogenies, one specific group has been proposed to be the descendants of this taxon. However, none of the additional paralogues belong to this ancestral lineage. A general method is proposed for converting a bifurcating gene tree, with multiple paralogous low-copy gene sequences from allopolyploidtaxa, into a reticulate species tree.