Publications in Rubiaceae before 2002

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  8. Publications in Rubiaceae before 2002

Publications 2001

Publications 2000

Publications 1999

Publications 1998

  • Bremer, B. and M. Thulin. 1998 Collapse of Isertieae, re-establishment of Mussaendeae, and a new genus of Sabiceeae (Rubiaceae); phylogenetic relationships based on rbcL data
  • McDowell, T. and B. Bremer. 1998 Phylogeny, diversity, and distribution in Exostema (Rubiaceae): implications of morphological and molecular analyses

Publications 1996

Publications 1995

Publications 1992

  • Bremer, B. 1992 Phylogeny of the Rubiaceae (Chiococceae) based on molecular and morphological data - useful approaches for classification and comparative ecology
  • Bremer, B. and L. Struwe. 1992 Phylogeny of the Rubiaceae and the Loganiaceae; congruence or conflict between morphological and molecular data
  • Bremer, B. and O. Eriksson. 1992 Evolution of fruit characters and dispersal modes in the tropical family Rubiaceae

Publications 1991

  • Bremer, B. 1991 Restriction data from chloroplast DNA for phylogenetic reconstruction: is there only one accurate way of scoring?
  • Bremer, B. and R. K. Jansen 1991 Comparative restriction site mapping of chloroplast DNA implies new phylogenetic relationships within Rubiaceae
  • Eriksson, O. and B. Bremer. 1991 Fruit characteristics, life forms, and species richness in the plant family Rubiaceae

Publications before 1990

  • Bremer, B. 1989 The genus Argostemma (Rubiaceae - Argostemmateae) in Borneo
  • Bremer, B. 1987 The sister group of the paleotropical tribe Argostemmateae: a redefined neotropical tribe Hamelieae (Rubiaceae - Rubioideae)
  • Bremer, B. 1984 The genus Steenisia (Rubiaceae) and its taxonomic position
  • Bremer, B. 1979 The genus Neurocalyx (Rubiaceae-Argostemmateae) in Ceylon